The Owners

Melanie and Phil welcome you to their beautiful property at Fletland Holiday Hamlet

A very warm welcome to Fletland

We hope you will enjoy your stay with us.

Fletland is our first home together; we live in Fletland Manor (next door to the Mill), with our blended family and our various animals.

Living here is an honour and a privilege that we will never take for granted; whether it is an early morning coffee by the millpond or a spectacular sunset over the river, the beauty of the place can be breathtaking.

Phil says…

“I have spent much of my life living in cities – and love discovering the wildlife that Fletland is home to. There are more rabbits than I can count, and I’ve seen deer (in the roses!), stoats, foxes, hares and badgers (mink and otters have been spotted in the river). There are over a dozen nests on the property and the red kite are a magnificent sight – as are the sparrowhawks, buzzards, and kestrels.

The history of the mill fascinates me; built before the 1730s, there was once an adjoining bakery – sited where you park your cars. We recently found lead shot from the civil war and a bronze age artefact – in the riverbank by the weir. The most famous occupant was probably Henry Royce (of Rolls Royce), as the mill was owned by one of his relatives.

I  look after the flock of chickens chickens (Ranieri, Betty, Megan, Fergie, Nell, Wallis, Lily and Koo) who provide you with eggs on your arrival and also our llamas (Youri and Shinje) who you will see on the other side of the river.”

Melanie says…

“Unlike Phil, I’m Lincolnshire born and bred (a yellow-belly), but Fletland is just as special to me. I find it very hard to leave for work each day, and can’t wait to come back down the drive in the evening.

Remarkably, Fletland is my second watermill – you will have spotted that it is missing its wheel; this disappeared about a hundred years ago, and one of my projects is to restore it.

I moved here with my children, a pug called Zeus (who sadly is no longer with us) and Chunk, a labrador cross; you may also see Poppy and Wolfie, two cats who love prowling the grounds. Recently, I brought horses back to Fletland – and we currently have Tara (a 15 year old Irish draft horse) and Sovereign (a 20 year old Shetland pony).”